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Resources on Organizational Development

Volume 2
Marcia Drew Hohn

The following selections provide sources for readers interested in pursuing the topic of organizations and their development. The annotations note the recommended audience for each title, its focus, and what that audience can expect to find when turning to it. Some titles, for example, focus on the kind of leadership believed to be necessary to carrying an organization through systemic change (examples are Stephen Covey's "Three Roles of the Leader in the New Paradigm," Edgar Schein's "Leadership and Organizational Culture," and Sally Helgesen's The Web of Inclusion). Others focus on the special demands of initiating change in nonprofit organizations (John M. Bryson's Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations), resources on applying systems thinking in organizations (Margaret Wheatley's Leadership and the New Science), and practical strategies to support organizational change (Roger Fisher's Getting to Yes).

Most of the following resources are readily available through public libraries, libraries in higher education institutions, or publishers or booksellers. A few, such as articles and collections of articles published by Harvard Business School Press, are available only by direct order from that publisher. I have included on-line ordering information for each publisher.



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