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Adult Multiple Intelligences

This page provides links to resources created by NCSALL to introduce adult education practitioners to the research that shows that instructional practices inspired by Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory have resulted in high levels of authentic instruction and student engagement. The guides are posted as PDF files and they are all self-contained. They each include all the information and relevant supplementary materials, such as readings intended for photocopying, needed to conduct the study circles and seminars, or facilitate the mentor teacher group.

For multi-session professional development opportunities, use the study circle, mentor teacher group, or several of the seminars:

Mentor Teacher Group Guide: Adult Multiple Intelligences
This guide provides detailed instructions for organizing a mentor teacher group to consider the implications of Multiple Intelligences Theory in instructional practice. A small group of practitioners meets with a mentor to learn about and discuss research on Adult Multiple Intelligences and to receive constructive feedback as the practitioners apply the research to practice. Practitioners meet four times as a group and participate in two individual classroom observations for a total of 20 hours of professional development.

Study Circle Guide: Adult Multiple Intelligences
The goal of this study circle is to improve practice as practitioners learn about and evaluate Multiple Intelligences (MI) research and use this in their work. Practitioners explore Howard Gardnerís theory of MI, review the eight intelligences, and identify the relationships among them. Participants reflect on their own intelligences, discuss approaches to MI-inspired instruction, identify the promises and challenges of building practice based on MI theory, analyze the common features of MI-inspired practice identified through teacher research projects, and plan how to apply MI theory to their own practice. This guide provides the necessary materials and clear instructions to plan and facilitate a three-session study circle (with an option for a fourth). Each session lasts three hours.

For single-session professional development opportunities, use one of the seminars:

Adult Multiple Intelligences Theory - PDF
This 3-hour seminar introduces adult education practitioners to Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory and its use in adult education and literacy settings.

Adult Multiple Intelligences in Practice - PDF
In this 3Ĺ-hour seminar, practitioners examine the experiences of practitioner researchers in using Multiple Intelligences (MI) theory. Research shows that instructional practices inspired by MI theory result in high levels of authentic instruction and student engagement.

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