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Opportunities, Transitions, and Risks: Perspectives on Adult Literacy and Numeracy Development in Australia

Volume 7: Chapter Eight
Rosie Wickert, Jean Searle, Beth Marr, and Betty Johnston

In Chapter Eight, Rosie Wicket, Jean Searle, Beth Marr, and Betty Johnston describe the development of the adult literacy and numeracy system in Australia. They begin by describing the Australian context including the historical events that have had an impact on the development of the system. They then describe three chronological phases of that development. The important events of each phase are noted and descriptions of important policies that guided this development are described. These descriptions include both the rationales behind the policies and the criticism of them. In the conclusion, the authors note that Australia’s work in adult numeracy and its positioning of literacy and numeracy programs within the mainstream vocational education sectors are the two aspects of this case study that other countries may find most useful.

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