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Sample Activity

Adult Multiple Intelligences

4. Student Responses to MI Practices: The AMI Experience (50 minutes)

    Discussion Questions

  1. How did students respond to MI reflections and MI-informed instruction?
  2. How did students respond “in context” (ABE, GED, ESOL)?
  3. What stands out for you about the students’ responses and how the teachers dealt with them?
  4. How could you prepare students for MI practices?
    1. Refer to Reading #7: Chapter 5, “Student Responses to MI Practices: The AMI Experience” and Reading #6: “Two AMI Teachers’ Perspectives: Multiple Ways Around Resistance Through MI.”
    2. Discuss the first three questions.
    3. Write answers to the fourth question on their sheet of newsprint. Answers can come either from the readings or their own ideas.