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This page provides links to resources created by NCSALL to introduce adult education practitioners to various topics in adult reading research. The guides are posted as PDF files and are all self-contained. Each guide includes all the information needed to conduct the study circles and seminars, complete with supplementary materials and readings. intended for photocopying..

For multi-session professional development opportunities, use the study circle or several of the seminars:

Study Circle Guide: Research-based Adult Reading Instruction
This 10 hour study circle explores differing theories of the reading process, the four major components of reading and the implications for teaching, the development of learners' reading profiles, and the Equipped for the Future framework. The guide is based on a review of adult reading research conducted by the Reading Research Working Group and published in a report by John Krudenier, Research-Based Principles for Adult Education Reading Instruction.

For single-session professional development opportunities, use one of the seminars:

Reading Profiles - PDF
This 3-hour seminar helps teachers and tutors understand why developing reading profiles for students is important for planning better, more focused instruction. Participants learn to use the tools and reading profiles on the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web site.

This PowerPoint presentation can be used as an alternate activity if computers with internet access are not available.

Teaching Learners What Reading Is All About - PDF
This 4-hour seminar introduces teachers and tutors to Understanding What Reading Is All About: Teaching Materials and Lessons for Adult Basic Education Learners, a set of 13 lessons designed to help learners understand the components of reading that are part of becoming a more fluent reader.

Reading Difficulties - PDF
In this 4-hour seminar, practitioners discuss the risk factors identified in children with reading difficulties and compare these characteristics to those of adult literacy students.

Ideas for Teaching Reading: ABE - PDF
Adult education practitioners examine several evidence-based approaches to instructing adult basic education (ABE) learners in reading during this 3-hour seminar.

Ideas for Teaching Reading: ESOL - PDF
In this 3-hour seminar, adult education practitioners not only examine reading instruction for English-for-speakers-of-other-language (ESOL) learners, but also consider how reading instruction varies from that for learners who are native language speakers.

Ideas for Teaching Reading: Program Administrators and Counselors - PDF
In this 3½ hour seminar, program administrators and counselors examine several evidence-based practices for teaching reading and consider what changes might be necessary for improving instruction in their programs.

For information on reading relevant to program administrators, use this self-study:

Ideas for Teaching Reading
Explore some of the research on reading and its implications for the development of curriculum and instructional techniques. Read articles that relate to your role as program administrator/counselor. Consider how the findings or practices might apply to your situation and develop plans for trying out some of the ideas.

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