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Occasional Papers

Generally shorter than full-length research reports, NCSALL Occasional Papers are related to and examine different aspects of NCSALL's research. Occasional Papers may focus on the processes involved in designing and carrying out research (e.g., research methodologies used in a study) or they may be summary documents written to make clear policy statements about the research. Occasional Papers allow practitioners, researchers, and policymakers in the field to better understand the processes involved in carrying out NCSALL's research.

NCSALL publishes two types of Occasional Papers: 1) Papers written by NCSALL researchers, and 2) papers written by non-NCSALL researchers, usually by graduate students, published as part of NCSALL's "Emerging Researchers" series.

NCSALL Occasional Papers are posted here in PDF format and you must have Acrobat Reader 4.0 (or newer) in order to download and view them.

"Emerging Researchers" Series

The Emerging Researchers series highlights the contributions of individuals whose work has yet to be published extensively. As with other NCSALL Occasional Papers, papers in this series focus on specific aspects of NCSALL research or topics related to NCSALL’s research and mission. Occasional Papers by emerging researchers will also focus on research about adult education conducted by other entities.

The first paper in this series is by Kerri Sullivan, and it explores the role that car usage plays in the employment outcomes of adults without high school diplomas. Her analysis uses data provided by the Longitudinal Study of Adult Learning (LSAL), a NCSALL research project being conducted at Portland State University. Sullivan was enrolled at Portland State when she researched and wrote this paper. She now works as a planner for a transportation agency in Washington State.