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NCSALL Grant Extended

In July, 2000, the Department of Education's Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) elected to extend the National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy's (NCSALL's) grant for five additional years. Since NCSALL is just completing the fourth year of its initial five year grant, this new funding will support our work through the middle of 2006. Focus on Basics will continue as one of the primary ways in which NCSALL communicates to the practitioners and policy makers in our field.

 This new funding will allow us to complete and, in some cases, continue our existing research projects. NCSALL will also begin several new research efforts. An exciting new effort will be a collaboration between university researchers and programs to establish two labsites. The labsites will provide an opportunity for NCSALL to put into practice everything it has learned as well as the findings from research undertaken by other institutions. Students in the labsites will be followed for several years to measure their learning gains and the impact of participation in adult basic education on several aspects of their lives. The labsites will also serve as research sites that will develop new knowledge about how to improve instruction. Portland State University in Oregon will establish a labsite focused on beginning level English for speakers of other languages and Rutgers University in New Jersey will establish a labsite focused on adult basic education and General Educational Development students.