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Resources on Mathematics Instruction

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, (2000) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. For information on purchasing the publication in book, CD-ROM, or Portable Document Format, please visit or call toll-free (800) 235-7566.

For information on the Mathematics Test of the GED 2002, contact Kenn Pendleton of the GED Testing Service, American Council on Education, One Dupont Circle NW, Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036-1163; telephone (202) 939-9498; fax (202) 775-8578; e-mail kenn_pendleton@; or visit the web site

A new book, Adult Numeracy Development: Theory, Research, Practice, is available from Hampton Press. Edited by Iddo Gal, it contains 16 chapters written by adult educators and researchers. Chapters include "Numeracy and Adult Learning: Implications of Research for Instruction;" "Understanding NCTM Standards;" "Instructional Principles for Adult Numeracy Education;" and "Teaching Mathematics to Adults with Specific Learning Difficulties." Orders can be placed with the publisher, phone (800)-894-8955, via e-mail:, or via online sellers such as

Adult Learning Maths (ALM) is an international research forum that brings together researchers and practitioners in adult mathematics and numeracy to promote the learning of mathematics by adults. To join or to learn more, contact Dr. Katherine Safford, Saint Peter's College, Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07306, or e-mail her at ALM's web site is at http://www.euronet.n./~agroenest/alm.

ANAMOL: Adult Numeracy And Mathematics On-Line is a project that attempted to link adult numeracy teachers from across Australia together via the Internet. Visit its web site:

Adult Numeracy Network is a community dedicated to quality mathematics instruction at the adult level. For more information, visit the AN2 web site at:

The Numeracy E-Mail List is an electronic discussion list for ideas and discussion on the teaching of numeracy and basic mathematics to adult learners. To subscribe, write to: In the message area, type: subscribe numeracy.

Family Math, by J. Stenmark, V. Thompson, &R. Cossey, is available from Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. Call (800) 897-5036, or go to the web site

The Labor Market and the GED

Beyond the GED: Making Conscious Choices About the GED and Your Future, a set of teaching materials for GED teachers, is now available from NCSALL. Written by GED teacher Sara Fass and Focus on Basics editor Barbara Garner, and piloted by Sara in her class, the materials consist of three units: "The Labor Market," "Pursuing Higher Education," and "What the Research Tells Us." Lesson plans, reading materials, and handouts are provided. To order, send a request with a check for $5 to cover the cost of photocopying and mailing to Sam Gordenstein, World Education, 44 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA  02210-1211. Please include contact information such as phone number or e-mail address.

NCSALL Reports Available

New research reports are available from NCSALL. Order by sending a list of the reports you want (by number) and a check or money order for the correct amount to Sam Gordenstein, World Education, 44 Farnsworth Street, Boston, MA  02210-1211. Please include contact information such as phone number or e-mail address. The charges cover photocopying and mailing. The reports can also be ordered over the web,

Reports #13: Bingman, B. & Ebert, O. (2000). "I've Come A Long Way:" Learner-Identified Outcomes of Participation in Adult Literacy Programs.  $10

Reports #14: Rudd, R., Colton, T., & Schacht, R. (2000). An Overview of Medical and Public Health Literature Addressing Literacy Issues: An Annotated Bibliography.  $10

Reports #15: Tyler, J., Murnane, R., & Willett, J. (2000). Cognitive Skills Matter in the Labor Market, Even for School Dropouts. $5.

Reports #16: Tyler, J., Murnane, R., & Willett, J. (2000). The Devil is in the Details: Evidence from the GED on the Role of Examination System Details in Determining Who Passes. $5

Articles on Math Previously Published in Focus on Basics 

Applying Research on the Last Frontier
 Karen Backlund with Kathy Bond
(Volume 1, Issue A, February 1997)

Reconceptualizing Roles: Mathematics and Reading
Mary Jane Schmitt
(Volume 1, Issue B, May 1997)

A Foundation for Learning Math
Jan Phillips
(Volume 1, Issue C, September 1997)

Changing Approaches to Math
Cynthia J. Zengler
(Volume 2, Issue B, June 1998)

Confessions of a Reluctant Standard-Bearer
Jim Carabell
(Volume 3, Issue C, September 1999)

Teaching to the Math Standards with Adult Learners
Esther D. Leonelli
(Volume 3, Issue C, September 1999)

The Effects of Continuing Goal-Setting on Persistence in a Math Classroom
Pam Meader
(Volume 4, Issue A, March 2000)