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NCSALL Publications

NCSALL Reports — studies that inform policy makers and practitioners on up-to-date research findings on key topics in the field.

Reports #26: The Characteristics and Concerns of Adult Basic Education Teachers. Smith, C. & Hofer, J. (2003) $10

Reports #25a & #25: How Teachers Change: A Study of Professional Development in Adult Education. Smith, C., Hofer, J., Gillespie, M., Solomon, M., & Rowe, K. (2003) Report Summary (#25a) $5, Full Report (#25) $10

Reports #24: Living with It: Federal Policy Implementation in Adult Basic Education. Belzer, A. (2003) $10

Reports #23: The First Five Years: National Center for the Study of Adult Learning and Literacy 1996–2001. (2002) $10

Reports #22a & #22: Connecting Practitioners and Researchers: An Evaluation of NCSALL’s Practitioner Dissemination Research Network. Smith, C., Bingman, B., Hofer, J., Medina, P. & Practitioner Leaders. (2002) Report Summary (#22a) $2.50, Full Report (#22) $10

Reports #21: Open to Interpretation: Multiple Intelligences Theory in Adult Literacy Education. Findings from the Adult Multiple Intelligences Study. Kallenbach, S. & Viens, J. (2002) $10

Reports #20: Documenting Outcomes for Learners and Their Communities: A Report on a NCSALL Action Research Project. Bingman, B. with Ebert, O. & Bell, B. (2002) $5

Reports #19a & #19: Toward a New Pluralism in ABE/ESOL Classrooms: Teaching to Multiple “Cultures of Mind.” Executive Summary. Kegan, R., Broderick, M., Drago-Severson, E., Helsing, D., Popp, N. & Portnow, K. (2001) Executive Summary (#19a) $5, Research Monograph (#19) $35

Reports #18a & #18: Classroom Dynamics in Adult Literacy Education. Beder, H. & Medina, P. (2001) Report Summary (#18a) $5, Full Report (#18) $10

Reports #17: Effecting Change in the Literacy Practice of Adult Learners: Impact of Two Dimensions of Instruction. Purcell-Gates, V., Degener, S., Jacobson, E. & Soler, M. (2000) $10

Reports #16: The Devil is in the Details: Evidence from the GED on the Role of Examination System Details in Determining Who Passes. Tyler, J., Murnane, R. & Willett, J. (2000) $5

Reports #15: Cognitive Skills Matter in the Labor Market, Even for School Dropouts. Tyler, J., Murnane, R. & Willett, J. (2000) $5

Reports #14: An Overview of Medical and Public Health Literature Addressing Literacy Issues: An Annotated Bibliography. Rudd, R., Colton, T. & Schacht, R. (2000) $5

Reports #13: “I’ve Come A Long Way”: Learner-Identified Outcomes of Participation in Adult Literacy Programs. Bingman, B. & Ebert, O. (2000) $10

Reports #12: Persistence Among Adult Basic Education Students in Pre-GED Classes. Comings, J., Parrella, A. & Soricone, L. (1999) $10

Reports #11: Changes in Learners’ Lives One Year After Enrollment in Literacy Programs: An Analysis from the Longitudinal Study of Adult Literacy Participants in Tennessee. Bingman, B., Ebert, O. & Smith, M. (1999) $5

Reports #10: The Impact of Welfare Reform on Adult Literacy Education: Conference Papers and Themes from Small Group Sessions. D’Amico, D., Levenson, A. & White, C. (1999) $5

Reports #9: Findings from a National Survey of State Directors of Adult Education. Rudd, R., Zahner, L. & Banh, M. (1999) $5

Reports #8: Adult Educators’ Perceptions of Health Issues and Topics in Adult Basic Education Programs. Rudd, R. & Moeykens, B. (2000) $5

For a complete list of NCSALL Reports, call Caye Caplan or see NCSALL Reports on the NCSALL Web site.

NCSALL Occasional Papers — articles that allow individuals in the field to better understand research processes and to be informed on key up-to-date research and policy issues.

Research Methods for Studying ABE/ESOL Populations. Drago-Severson, E. (2004) $5

Transportation and Work: Exploring Car Usage and Employment Outcomes in the LSAL Data. Sullivan, K. (2003) On-line only — FREE

Establishing an Evidence-Based Adult Education System. Comings, J., Beder, H., Bingman, M.B., Reder, S., & Smith, C. (2003) $5

The Influences of Social Capital on Lifelong Learning Among Adults Who Did Not Finish High School. Strawn, C. (2003) $10

Expanding Access to Adult Literacy with Online Distance Education. Askov, E., Johnston, J., Petty, L. & Young, S. (2003) $10

Building a Level Playing Field: The Need to Expand and Improve the National and State Adult Education and Literacy Systems. Comings, J., Reder, S., & Sum, A. (2001) $10

For a complete list of Occasional Papers, call Caye Caplan at (617) 482 9485 or see NCSALL Occasional Papers on the NCSALL Web site.

NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials — including Study Circle Guides, are designed for use by teachers and professional development staff working in adult basic education.

Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom. Jacobson, E., Degener, S., & Purcell-Gates, V. (2003) $10

NCSALL Study Circle Guide: Adult Multiple Intelligences. Parrella, A., Hofer, J., with Bubp, S., Finn-Mille, S., Graves, N., & Meader, P. (2004) On-line only — FREE

NCSALL Study Circle Guide: Learner Persistence in Adult Basic Education. (2003) On-line only — FREE

For a complete list of NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials, call Caye Caplan at (617) 482 9485 or see NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials on the NCSALL Web site.