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Our Subject Index, located on the NCSALL home page (, allows you to access easily all NCSALL publications by topic, including Accountability, GED, Learner Motivation, Curriculum Development, Assessment, Technology, Family Literacy, Math, Program Design, Practitioner Research, Writing, and more: the Subject Index includes more than 50 topics.

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Research Methods for Studying ABE ESOL Populations, by Eleanor Drago-Severson. This report discusses questions of methodological and practical importance encountered by the NCSALL Adult Development research team in their study, (Toward a New Pluralism in ABE/ESOL Classrooms: Teaching to Multiple "Cultures of Mind" NCSALL Reports #19). The team's research methods and interpretive techniques are explored, with a focus on the challenges encountered and strategies used to overcome them. The appendices provide the survey instruments used by the researchers.

Summaries of Papers Presented at 20th Annual Rutgers Invitational Symposium on Education (RISE) by Lisa Soricone.This document is comprised of summaries of 14 papers presented at Rutgers University Graduate School of Education's RISE conference, whose theme was "Toward Defining and Improving Quality in Adult Basic Education: Issues and Challenges." Held October 23-24, 2003, the event focused on the challenges of defining what constitutes a quality adult basic and literacy education system. (The full conference papers will be released in 2006.) Summaries of Papers

Important Resources on Literacy for Libraries. Compiled by NCSALL, and based on a survey of librarians, this list provides information on key resources for collections on adult literacy and learning. The resources are organized by three audience categories (learners, teachers/tutors, and program directors/researchers); within each audience category, resources are further subdivided by topic. It also has an order form that libraries can use to order all the NCSALL resources listed, at a special discounted rate. Important Resources on Literacy for Libraries