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Building Teacher/Learner Collaborations

Step 2: Reflect on this research and your practice

Now explore the social nature of your learners' literacy practices. Read the following materials that describe findings and discuss results from the Literacy Practices of Adult Learners study. In this empirical study, the researchers investigate how the use of authentic materials and collaborative learning contributes to increased and new literacy practices by learners outside of the adult literacy classroom.

"Taking Literacy Skills Home." Victoria Purcell-Gates, Sophie Degener, and Erik Jacobson, Focus on Basics, Volume 4, Issue D, April 2001.
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"Chapter Eight: Students" Perceptions of Life and Literacy Changes” in Affecting Change in Literacy Practices of Adult Learners: Impact of Two Dimensions of Instruction. Victoria Purcell-Gates, Sophia Degener, Erik Jacobson, and Martha Soler, NCSALL Report #17, 2000.
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