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Adult Multiple Intelligences Theory

Step 2: Reflect on this research and your practice

Engage in an activity developed by Meg Costanzo, a practitioner researcher, to identify your own strongest intelligences. Here are the directions for constructing an autobiography cube.

  1. Divide a 12- by 9-inch piece of construction paper into 12, 3- by 3-inch squares.
  2. Fold the paper along these lines. Then mark off the squares as shown in this diagram.
  3. Find or draw six pictures, 3- by 3-inches or smaller, showing your interests and/or the special things/people in your life. Add words that describe your interests and talents.
  4. Randomly glue the pictures (and words) on the six unmarked squares.
  5. Refold the paper along the original crease lines.
  6. Make six 3-inch cuts as indicated by the dotted lines in the diagram.
  7. Fold in the sides without pictures to form a cub and tape.
  8. Explain your cube to someone else, sharing how the pictures (and words) reflect your multiple intelligences.

After thinking about this experience and reading the article on the research, reflect on the following questions:

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1. Read the research ::: 2. Reflect on this research ::: 3. Focus on your practice

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