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Study Circle+ Guide

Health Literacy Study Circle+ Facilitators Training

The following study circle+ guide that participants will need to read or review is not included in this training guide. Obtain a copy for each participant to use during the session, or ask participants to obtain their own copies by downloading them.

Skills for Health Care Access and Navigation

The sections below are PDFs. [Acrobat Reader required.]

Health Literacy Study Circles+ Introduction


Planning to Facilitate a Health Literacy Study Circle+

Facilitation Tips

Facilitator’s Guide: Skills for Health Care Access and Navigation

Overview and Preparation for Session One

Materials in Preparation for Session One

Session One: Introduction to Health Literacy

Session One Materials

Session Two: Identifying Access and Navigation Tasks and Underlying Skills

Session Two Materials
Sample Lesson Packet—Eight Sample Lessons

Session Three: Integrating Health Literacy Skills into Instruction

Session Three Materials

Session Four: Planning Lessons, Units, and Evaluations

Session Four Materials

Session Five: Developing Strategies and Success

Session Five Materials

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