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Reading Profiles

Step 3: Focus on an aspect of your practice

Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web siteYou’re going to be exploring the “Match an ASRP Profile” section of the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web site. This Web site, supported by LINCS builds on the work of the Adult Reading Components Study (ARCS). The site provides information on assessment and instruction of reading components, word lists that practitioners can download, and links to research. Instructors can match their own learners’ reading profiles with learner profiles developed using ARCS data to make instructional choices based on the information.

You will need the following assessment data for a current student:

Go to Match an ASRP Profile. (Opens in new browser window. Close it to return.) Follow the links through the “Match a Profile” section of the Web site, using your student’s assessment data to “Make a Match.” Take notes on or print the “Suggestions for Instruction for Profile X Learners.”

How to use this research:

  1. Reflect on the “Suggestions for Instruction” for the profile your learner seemed to match. What instructional strategies for reading might you use with that learner?
  2. Complete an Instructional Plan [PDF opens in new browser window.] for your learner based on the information provided on the Web site.
  3. Try out the instructional plan with the learner. What worked, and why did it work? What might you do differently?
  4. How might you use the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web site with other students?
  5. Later, you may want to investigate the other resources on the Assessment Strategies and Reading Profiles Web site.

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