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Authentic Contexts

This page provides links to resources created by NCSALL to introduce adult education practitioners to using authentic materials in class in order to support learners’ increased and changing literacy practices outside of the classroom. The guides are posted as PDF files and they are all self-contained. They each include all the information and relevant supplementary materials, such as readings intended for photocopying, needed to conduct the study circles and seminars.

For multi-session professional development opportunities, use the study circle or several of the seminars:

Teaching and Learning in Authentic Contexts
Study circle participants examine teaching and learning in authentic contexts, and discuss the challenges of using authentic instruction and integrating authentic activities and materials into their classes.

For single-session professional development opportunities, use one of the seminars:

Overview of Critical Pedagogy - PDF
This 3-hour seminar introduces adult education practitioners to critical pedagogy theory. It provides a tool for analyzing the degree to which their own programs reflect the theory.

Philosophy of Using Authentic Curriculum - PDF
In this 4-hour seminar, practitioners compare three approaches to curriculum and identify their own philosophies of teaching and curriculum development.

Using Authentic Curriculum and Materials - PDF
In this 3-hour seminar, teachers and tutors use the handbook, Creating Authentic Materials and Activities for the Adult Literacy Classroom, as a guide in moving toward contextualized literacy instruction.

Building Teacher/Learner Collaborations - PDF
This 3-hour seminar introduces practitioners to the research on teacher/learner collaborations.

For information on authentic contexts relevant to program administrators, use the self-study:

Overview of Critical Pedagogy
Read about the theory of critical pedagogy, learn to what extent education programs reflect critical pedagogy in their structure and practices, and analyze your own practices for the degrees of critical pedagogy across six elements of an adult education program.

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