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Teaching Learners What Reading Is All About

Step 1: Read the related research

Understanding What Reading Is All About: Teaching Materials and Lessons for Adult Basic Education Learners. Developed with Ashley Hagar, Barbara Garner, Cristine Smith, Beth Bingman, Lenore Balliro, Lisa Mullin, and Lou Anna Guidry, Spring 2005.

This guide includes 13 lessons to help low-level readers understand the components of fluent readingóword analysis, sight words, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, and spelling. The document also provides guidance for setting realistic, relevant learning goals and discusses learning disabilities. This guide can be used independently as a mini-course for students or can be integrated into existing curriculum. The primary audience for this guide is adult basic education (ABE) instructors and their students reading at a 0-6 grade level, but it can be adapted for others, including English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) learners.

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