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Sample Activity

Research-based Adult Reading Instruction






Point out that making notes in the margins while reading is a specific comprehension strategy often taught to readers to help them improve their metacognitive reading skills. So if they took notes while they read, they engaged in the type of comprehension strategy that their students might also find useful.

Invite participants to find a partner that they have not yet had the chance to work with and whom they may not already know.

Tell participants that they will have 15 minutes to work, and then they will be asked to move to the next newsprint.

In addition to adding main points, implications, and questions, ask participants to place a check by those comments already listed that they agree with and, if they have a different perspective about a main point, to list it. Tell them that they will have ten minutes to work at this second newsprint.

- What stands out for you in terms of main points, implications, or questions raised around each of these components?

- What are your thoughts about teaching these component skills to the students with whom you work?

- What might be the implications of incorporating the components of reading in your own teaching practice?

Explain that you will save these newsprints and revisit them during Session Three when each person will be asked to make an action plan for teaching adults to read. The questions they have raised now may inform their next steps.

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