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Practitioner Research Training

In this 31-hour NCSALL practitioner research training, practitioners investigate a problem related to reading. With 7 to 14 other practitioners, they meet four times to:

In Session One, practitioner researchers explore some of the key principles and steps in practitioner research. They learn more about the research on reading and discuss instructional strategies that they can investigate in their own classrooms or practices.

In Session Two, participants learn about data collection methods. They decide on and design activities through which they will collect the information or evidence needed to answer their research questions.

In Session Three, participants learn about tools and strategies for analyzing data. They begin to work with data and develop a plan and timeline for analyzing and interpreting the data.

In Session Four, the practitioner researchers share the results of their research. They discuss the significance of their findings, conclusions, and the implications for practice. They seek the feedback and perspectives of others.Participants draft a research paper, summarizing each stage of the research process.

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