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Focus On Basics

Volume 4, Issue C ::: December 2000


On the right menu is the table of contents of the web version of the Volume 4, Issue C of Focus on Basics. We have tried to replicate the original newsletter content as closely as possible. However, there might be slight changes due to the transfer of information while uploading. We have not included any graphics so that downloading Focus on Basics is as quick and easy as possible.



Putting the National Literacy 
Agenda into Action

QUALITY, ACCESS, and RESOURCES are the priorities delineated by the National Literacy Summit 2000. To reach these goals, action must be taken. How can you get involved?

To decide, start by getting the Summit Action Agenda Group Discussion and Planning Meeting Guide. The Guide includes step by step activities that you can use to learn more about and make decisions about taking action related to the Summit Action Agenda. 

The Guide can be downloaded from NCSALL's web site. Or, order a free copy by contacting Jessica Mortensen at World Education, telephone (617) 482-9485, e-mail The Action Agenda, From the Margins to the Mainstream, can be downloaded from

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