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Focus On Basics

Volume 7, Issue C ::: March 2005


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New – Winter 2005

Review of Adult Learning and Literacy, Volume 5: Connecting Research, Policy, and Practice edited by John Comings, Barbara Garner, and Cristine Smith. Published by Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

Volume 5 is the newest addition to a series of periodic publications that address major issues, the latest research, and the best practices in the field of adult literacy and learning. This volume examines:

Contents: M. Reddy, Foreword. T.G. Sticht, The Year 2002 in Review. L. Mikulecky, Adult Literacy Policy, Scientifically Based Research, and Evidence-Based Practice. J. Tyler, The General Educational Development (GED) Credential: History, Current Research, and Directions for Policy and Practice. J. Comings & L. Soricone, Massachusetts: A Case Study of Improvement and Growth of Adult Education Services. J. Sandlin & R. St. Clair, Volunteers in Adult Literacy Education. A. Cain & J. Benseman, Adult Literacy in New Zealand. J. Cromley, Metacognition, Cognitive Strategy Instruction, and Reading in Adult Literacy. J. Cromley, Resources on Metacognition, Cognitive Strategy Instruction, and Reading in Adult Literacy.

Order your copy; available in cloth ($59.95) and paper ($27.50).

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