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Going Beyond the GED

Step 3: Focus on an aspect of your practice

  1. Reflect on the following questions:
    • What do you see as key components of an adult education-to-postsecondary transition program?
    • What skills, knowledge, and/or attitudes would students need to have for entering postsecondary education or training programs?
    • What strategies have you or your program used to coordinate communication with postsecondary education and training programs?
  2. Visit the National College Transition Network Web site. (Opens new browser window. Close it to return.)
    Explore the site and identify the best practices that seem most relevant to your work.
  3. Make a list of ideas for developing an adult education-to-postsecondary transition program. Choose one idea to try in your program or classroom. Write down a plan, using this Action Plan form [PDF] for how you will implement the idea and what evidence or data you will collect to determine if the idea works.

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