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Focus On Basics

Volume 6, Issue A ::: October 2002

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Connecting Practitioners and Researchers: An Evaluation of NCSALL's Practitioner Dissemination and Research Network 
by Cristine Smith, Mary Beth Bingman, Judy Hofer, Patsy Medina and Practitioner Leaders

This report (NCSALL Reports #22, $10) details how the NCSALL Practitioner Dissemination and Research Network (PDRN) set out to create and support systematic partnerships between practitioner and university researchers to better connect research and practice, with the ultimate outcome of improved practice, policy, and services for adult learners. Both the full report and the shorter report summary (NCSALL Reports #22a, $2.50) highlight significant lessons learned from the PDRN and offer specific policy, practice and research recommendations for connecting researchers and practitioners in the field of adult learning and literacy.

Classroom Dynamics in Adult Literacy Education 
by Hal Beder and Patsy Medina

The full research report (NCSALL Reports #18, $10) and the abbreviated report summary (NCSALL Reports #18a, $5) are available. These reports present findings from NCSALL's observational study, that investigated what happens in adult literacy classrooms. Researchers in this qualitative study looked at the content of instruction and how it is delivered, the processes that underlie teaching and learning, and the forces external to the classroom that shape classroom behavior.

Patterns of Word Recognition Errors Among Adult Basic Education Native and Nonnative Speakers of English
by Rosalind Kasle Davidson and John Strucker

The full research article from which this Research Brief is taken was published in Scientific Studies of Reading, Volume 6, No. 3, 2002.

NCSALL Researchers Davidson and Strucker, using the NCSALL Adult Reading Components Study (ARCs) data, compared nonnative and native speakers of English in ABE classes on their development of skills needed to make smooth progress toward higher levels of reading. 

Resources Available

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  • Back issues of Focus on Basics. Great for topic specific events.

  • The Annual Review of Adult Learning and Literacy books. Ideal for raffles and drawings. (Or purchase multiple copies at a considerable discount.) "No practitioner in the field of adult learning should be without this indispensable resource."

  • NCSALL Research Briefs. Quick, easy-to-read summaries of NCSALL research findings.

  • NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials. Great for professional development activities: explore research topics in depth.

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