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Focus On Basics

Volume 6, Issue A ::: October 2002


Articles on Counseling Previously Published in Focus on Basics

Struggles: Writing as Healing
Leslie Ridgway & Dale Griffith
(Volume 5, Issue C, February 2002)

Reflections on the Women, Violence, and Adult Education Project
Elizabeth Morrish
(Volume 5, Issue C, February 2002)

ESOL Teachers: Helpers in Health Care
Kate Singleton
(Volume 5, Issue C, February 2002)

The Elisabeth West Project: A Health Professional Joins a Literacy Program in Downeast Maine
Beth Russett
(Volume 5, Issue C, February 2002)

Reacting to the Research: Supporting Learners
Sylvia Greene & Matthew Puma
(Volume 5, Issue B, October 2001)

Helping Adults Persist: Four Supports
John Comings, Andrea Parrella, & Lisa Soricone
(Volume 4, Issue A, March 2000)

Look Before You Leap: Helping Prospective Learners Make Informed Educational Choices
Marti Giese
(Volume 4, Issue A, March 2000)

"I Can't Learn This!" An MI Route Around Resistance
Wendy Quinones & Betsy Cornwell
(Volume 3, Issue A, March 1999)

Retention and the GED
Jamie D. Barron Jones
(Volume 2, Issue B, June 1998)

Poe, Alcoholism, and ESOL
Lynne McCarthy & Bernadette Comeau
(Volume 1, Issue D, December 1997)

Other Resources Mental Health

Mental Health and the Adult Refugee: The Role of the ESL Teacher
M. Atkins, B. Sample, & D. Birman, is available at www.cal.org/ncle/DIGESTS/mental.htm.

Cultural Adjustment, Mental Health, and ESL: The Refugee Experience, the Role of the Teacher, and ESL Activities (1999)
M. Atkins, B. Sample, & D. Birman, is available from Spring Institute for International Studies, Denver, CO.

Trauma and the Adult English Language Learner
J. Isserlis, is available via the ERIC system, at www.ericacve.org, ERIC 444397; also at http://www.cal.org/ncle/DIGESTS/trauma2.htm

The Blue Room: Trauma & Testimony Among Refugee Women, a Psycho-Social Exploration (1992)
I. Agger and M. Billie, was published by Zed Books, NJ.

Mentor: Guiding the Journey of Adult Learners (1999)
L. A. Daloz, was published by Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, CA.

Drawing the Line Kit 
Jenny Horsman, is available online at http://www.nald.ca/province/sask
or via www.JennyHorsman.com. Also on
this site find But I'm Not a Therapist, Literacy and Trauma, by Horsman.

In the February 2002 issue (Volume 5, Issue C) of Focus on Basics, an article by Rima E. Rudd entitled "A Maturing Partnership" included an incorrect citation. It should read: Hudson River Center for Program Development, Inc., (1993). Health Promotion for Adult Literacy Students: An Empowering Approach. Albany, NY: New York State Department of Education.


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