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Focus On Basics

Volume 3, Issue D ::: December 1999

Write about when you were born. Where was your mother? What happened?

I was born on December 28, 1974. There was a Christmas party at one of my aunt house. Everybody was drinking.
A fight broke out with two of my uncles. My mother try to get between them and one of them push her by mistake and she fell down the stairs and three days later she had me.


I was born in Cambodia in the forest when the war start. When my mom was in labor a lion follow my mom. The lion watch my mom in labor. When I came out my mom
want to throw me to the lion. That time she was carrying clothes and something else. She throw the clothes instead of me, but I have a feeling that the lion is close to me. Everywhere I go is like it watch me from somewhere. The lion look after my mom and me.

Write about a funny thing that happened when
you were a child.

One day I ask my sister for a needle. So when I got finished with the needle I put it in the arm of the chair so I forgot about it. When my sister came over she sat on the needle and jump up. I laugh so hard because the way she sat on it. She was so mad and thought it was so funny. She took the needle and threw it out on Chad
Brown Street.

Write a story that people in your family tell over and over again.

When we came to this country [from Poland] in 1965, we took a big ship. My mom and my sisters and brother were seasick, so my mom told me to go to the dining room to eat because they were getting chicken soup. I went to get something to eat so I sat down to eat. So the man asked me where my family was, so I told him. He started laughing. Then the man brought my dinner.
I started to eat and then I looked up. There was a
window and I saw a big wave. Then I got sick too. So I went to join my family.

Make a list of 10 wonderful things your mother, partner, teacher, or kids would say about you.

1. My baby that's 3 year old says mom I love.

2. My oldest daughter says I'm the best mother that
    she ever had.

3. My teacher say keep up the good work.

4. Mother she miss me, and loves me.

5. People would tell me how nice I am, the way I like to help people.

6. Me I say I'm a strong-minded person love to help

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