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Focus On Basics

Volume 3, Issue D ::: December 1999


ERIC Digests

The National Clearinghouse on Literacy Education (NCLE) has a number of ERIC Digests on writing instruction. These are available free from NCLE, 4646 40th Street NW, Washington, DC, 20016-1859; (202) 362-0700, ext. 200; mail to:, or can be downloaded from their website:

D. Rabideau, "Integrating Reading and Writing into Adult ESL Instruction." March 1993 EDO-LE-93-01.

J. Kreeft Peyton, "Dialogue Journals: Interactive Writing to Develop Language and Literacy." April 1993 EDO-LE-93-02.

T. Bello, "Improving ESL Learners' Writing Skills." June 1997 EDO-LE-97-03.

Writing Resources

E. Auerbach, Making Meaning, Making Change: Participatory Curriculum Development for Adult ESL Literacy. Washington, DC & McHenry, IL: CAL and Delta Systems, Inc., 1992.

A. Cumming, "Theoretical perspectives on writing." Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, Vol. 18: 61-78, 1998.

M. Gillespie, Many Literacies: Training Modules for Adult Beginning Readers and Tutors. Amherst, MA: Center for International Education, University of Massachusetts, 1990.

J. Hayes, "A new framework for understanding cognition and affect in writing." In C.M. Levy. & S. Ransdell (eds.), The Science of Writing: Theories, Methods, Individual Differences, and Applications. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum 1996.

F. Kazemek & P. Rigg, Enriching Our Lives: Poetry Lessons for Adult Literacy Teachers and Tutors. Newark, DE: International Reading Association, 1995.

J. Peyton, "Listening to student voices; Publishing student writing for other students to read." In J. Crandall & J. Peyton (eds.), Approaches to ESL Literacy Instruction, Washington, DC & McHenry, IL: CAL and Delta Systems, Inc., 1993.

J. Peyton & J. Staton, Writing Our Lives (2nd Edition). Washington, DC & McHenry, IL: CAL and Delta Systems, Inc., 1996.

C. Severino, "The political implications of responses to second language writing." In T. Smoke, (ed.) Adult ESL: Politics, Pedagogy, and Participation in Classroom and Community Programs. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 1998.

M. Spiegal & H. Sunderland, Writing Works: Using a Genre Approach for Teaching Writing to Adults and Young People in ESOL and Basics Education Classes. London: Language and Literacy Unit, 1999.

Web Sites has ideas and information useful to writing teachers. It's also linked to a lot of useful sites. Click on Arts/Literature and then on journals or (really) creative writing for kids. has information about spelling and dyslexia. has a useful article on journal writing.

Here are some haiku sites. Most of these are interactive.

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