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Focus On Basics

Volume 6, Issue C ::: September 2003

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Our Subject Index, allows you to access easily all NCSALL publications by topic, such as Accountability, GED, Learner Motivation, Curriculum Development, Assessment, Technology, Family Literacy, Math, Program Design, Practitioner Research, Writing, and more - the Subject Index includes more than 50 topics.

NCSALL Professional Development Opportunities
Connect research to practice by conducting study circles with your colleagues or staff. NCSALL uses the term "study circle" to describe a group of colleagues who read a set of materials on an issue and meet several times to talk about that issue, with the goal of deepening their knowledge of that topic and thinking through ways to apply it to practice. NCSALL Study Circle Guides provide you with the information and materials you need to carry out a study circle.

NCSALL Study Circle Guides are designed for practitioners who work in adult basic education programs: teachers, program directors, counselors, volunteers, or others. Most of the Study Circles deal with topics that are broad enough to be of interest to ABE, GED, and ESOL practitioners in a variety of delivery settings: community-based organizations, local educational authorities, libraries, workplaces, or correctional facilities. 

New NCSALL Study Circles Guides
NCSALL has published three new Study Circle Guides. Please click here to download these publications for free or to order printed, bound copies.

Learner Persistence in Adult Basic Education
This NCSALL Study Circle addresses learner persistence, motivation, and retention in adult basic education. It includes findings of NCSALL's research on learner persistence and articles on practice from Focus on Basics.

Research-Based Adult Reading Instruction
This NCSALL / NIFL Study Circle is based on a review of adult reading research conducted by a panel of experts called the Reading Research Working Group. The result of their work is published in a report by John Kruidenier entitled Research-Based Principles for Adult Basic Education Reading Instruction. 

Teaching and Learning in Authentic Contexts
This NCSALL Study Circle is based on research conducted by a team led by Victoria Purcell-Gates. Their research examines the relationships between two dimensions of literacy instruction (the degree of authenticity of activities and texts and the degree of student/teacher collaboration) and changes in the literacy practices of students outside the classroom. 

NCSALL Reports
Living with it: Federal Policy Implementation in Adult Basic Education. The Cases of the Workforce Investment Act and Welfare Reform, by Alisa Belzer.

The author gathered data from six states through in-depth interviews on practitioners' perceptions of how WIA and welfare reform changed their practices. The data provide hypotheses that can be explored through analysis of other data now available from the National Reporting System (NRS). The report also provide insights that will be helpful to policy makers.

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