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Focus On Basics

Volume 1, Issue D :: December 1997

Editorial Board

Miriam Burt, Washington DC
Lue-Ann de Castro, Lewis, DE,
Eileen Ferrance, Providence, RI
Liz Nixon, Ashland, OR
Fay Olson, Lawton, OK
Jorie Philippi, Charleston, WV

Editorial Board Members Needed


Review all manuscripts for interest, clarity, and relevance to the target audience

Suggest titles, ideas for illustrations, resources for departments, themes, story ideas, authors for upcoming issues


Current classroom experience in ABE/GED/ESOL, if possible.

Expertise in one of the issue themes, including, if possible, familiarity with the literature.

Small stipend provided.

Contact Information

If you are interested, please contact:
Barbara Garner at (617) 482-9485
or via e-mail:

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