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Focus On Basics

Volume 8, Issue A ::: November 2005

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Our Subject Index allows you to access easily all NCSALL publications by topic, including Accountability, GED, Learner Motivation, Curriculum Development, Assessment, Technology, Family Literacy, Math, Program Design, Practitioner Research, Writing, and more — the Subject Index includes more than 50 topics.

NCSALL Research Briefs

Evidence from Florida on the Labor Market Attachment of Male Dropouts Who Attempt the GED [PDF] by John Tyler
This Research Brief highlights key findings from a study that examined the labor market attachment of male dropouts who obtained the GED credential in Florida between 1994 and 1998.

Applying Research Findings to Instruction for Adult English Language Students by Cristine Smith, Kathryn Harris, and Stephen Reder
This Research Brief describes why research is important to adult ESL instruction, what we know about how to help teachers use research, and more. The research brief can be found at http://www.cal.org/caela/esl_resources/briefs/research.html

NCSALL Teaching and Training Materials

Research-Based Adult Reading Instruction
This new professional development guide provides all of the steps, materials, and readings for conducting a 10.5-hour study circle for adult basic education and literacy practitioners. The study circle covers the latest research on reading instruction.

Adult Development [PDF]
This 9-hour study circle for adult basic education and literacy practitioners addresses Robert Kegan’s work in adult development theory and its application in the practice of adult basic education.

Rethinking Instruction and Participation for Adult Basic Education [PDF]
This 9-hour study circle for adult basic education and literacy practitioners addresses the research about the structure and organization of instruction and how programs can broaden the range of options that students have so that classes aren’t the only option.

NEW!! NCSALL by Topic
This new section in Connecting Practice, Policy, and Research brings together in one location various NCSALL materials, with annotations. The section is organized according to five key topics—authentic contexts, adult multiple intelligences, adult student persistence, GED, and reading.

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